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Established in 2005, the Bay Cities' Symphonic Band is a community organisation with members ranging in age from high school music students to senior citizens. We encourage young players in the Band and offer a sense of belonging whilst they learn about commitment and respect, and improve their musical skills. We share a passion for promoting quality wind band music throughout Hawke’s Bay and strive for musical excellence whilst encouraging friendship and camaraderie.  

Each year we give a variety of performances including public concerts, band festivals, local community events (Art Deco, Blossom Festival, Christmas etc), joint concerts with other music groups both locally and within the wider North Island, and booked events such as the Orphans Club, HB Music Society and retirement villages.  

We also support the development of aspiring conductors and currently have four volunteer Co-Conductors directing the band - Laura Grady, James Bevin, Greg McEwen and Alana Frankum.

Our Band has been very successful and has attained several Gold and Silver Awards. These results reflect the hard work of our conductors as well as the players themselves. The dedication put into weekly rehearsals flows through to our concerts, ensuring our participants continue their musical development, and we provide the best possible experience for our audience. 

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley
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